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Our Mission

Empowering negotiators around the world

Our mission is to empower you to harness

your innate negotiation potential.

Negotiation transcends all aspects of our lives.  Each and every day, we negotiate. We negotiate with our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers, our family and our friends. Through embracing negotiation, we have the ability to optimise business performance, strengthen stakeholder relationships and transform our lives.


So, why do so few of us see ourselves as negotiators?


Quite simply, many of us fail to resonate with the traditional portrayal of a negotiator. Founded by award-winning negotiator, Donna Hughes, Launch strives to make negotiation accessible to all by challenging the stereotype of what negotiation is and what a negotiator looks like. 


We invite you to think differently about negotiation, to defy the stereotypes, and celebrate the diversity of negotiators around the world. Through our dynamic negotiation skills workshops, you will learn how to redefine negotiation in your own terms, harness your innate potential and embrace opportunities for negotiation within your life.

Defying stereotypes by celebrating the diversity

of negotiators around the world.

It's time to tap into your potential 

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