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Our Workshops for Organisations

World-class negotiation skills training

Team Meeting

           You are a negotiator, you just don't realise it.

Our world-class negotiation skills training is delivered across Europe and North America by award-winning negotiator, Donna Hughes. Through our passionate, energising, and authentic approach to negotiation, we have empowered thousands around the world to harness their innate potential and embrace opportunities for negotiation in their daily life.  

Drawing upon over a decade of interdisciplinary experience, our interactive workshops engage, educate and empower your team to harness their innate negotiation potential. Discover how to drive business profitability and performance within your organisation through optimising negotiation.

Our negotiation skills workshop will teach your team how to:

  • Redefine negotiation to tap into your organisation's innate potential

  • Strengthen relationships with internal and external stakeholders

  • Leverage essential negotiation skills, strategies and proven techniques

  • Strategise negotiations to optimise business performance and profitability

  • Negotiate significant value through revenue generation, cost efficiencies and process efficiencies 


It's time to tap into your organisation's potential. 

It's time to release your inner negotiator.

To enquire about scheduling a negotiation workshop for your organisation,

click below to schedule a call with a member of our team.

Launch Negotiation has been featured by the International Leadership Association, TEDxYouth, Cambridge Science Park, The Female Lead, Women of Influence, Leading Women, Power To Fly, Women In The City, Women In Banking And Finance, amongst many other organisations.

It's time to tap into your organisation's potential 

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